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Matthew Algeo

Matthew Algeo is an award-winning journalist that has reported from four continents, and his stories have appeared on public radio’s All Things Considered, Marketplace, and Morning Edition.  His website bio lets us know he held jobs as a convenience store clerk, a gas station attendant, a Halloween costume salesman, and a proofreader.  He also worked in a traveling circus as a hot dog vendor.

These may have been his various jobs, but Matthew is a very curious person.  He asks questions that he needs to answer, and he has done so through publishing 5 very interesting books (see below).  You can find more from Matthew at his website or blog.


You can find him on Twitter at @malgeo

Matthew Algeo Interview Episodes

How I Met Matthew

I found Matthew’s work when research for Episode 64 – The STEAGLES.  His book popped up on the Google machine, so I had to check it out.  I reached out to Matthew, and he responded right away with eagerness to share his research with you.  After chatting with him for an hour and a half, which ultimately became Episode 65 and Episode 66, I realized he has a curiosity that sparks great conversations.  The topic we cover revolves around The STEAGLES season back in 1943, which happens to be the book I found when I was Googling.

Let’s just say these books are obscurely intriguing, and if you have an inquisitive mind that gets sucked into thought-provoking stories, then I suggest you check out his work.  Please feel free to check out his books below.  Note – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Matthew discusses this crazy weird book a little bit in the interview.  Pedestrianism seems like a fancy term for a Millenial trying to save the planet by walking everywhere, but oh boy was it something totally different back in the day.  Basically, it was America's number 1 spectator sport back in the late 1890s.  People would pour into stadiums, such as what is now Madison Square Garden, to watch a bunch of dudes walk for 6 days in a row around the stadium.  There were marching bands, dignitaries, and all sorts of famous people gathered around.  It's interesting to see how spectator sports has evolved into the sport of NFL we see today.

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We didn't dive into this book at all, but the title alone draws you in.  Much like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, you know you're in for a ride when a former President of the United States decides he's taking his childhood sweetheart on a 2,500-mile long road trip without Secret Service or any of the hoopla we have nowadays.  This book is unique because it details the great road trip taken, through the eyes of Matthew Algeo.  It's pretty cool because he stayed at the same hotels on the route as Truman.  He ate at the same diners.  You even get special treats when Matthew veers into segments of American history that were so vibrant during the early 1950s, which is the time when President Harry Truman stepped down from his post as POTUS.  This road trip started on June 19, 1953.  However, the story still captures the wonderment of Truman still to this day.

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This is another book we didn't get into during the interview, and just like Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure, we are talking about another great American President.  Abraham Lincoln is often referred to as a top 5 President in the history of all of our leaders.  He is known for many things.  Abolishing slavery, leading the nation through the horrible time of the Civil War, and his untimely death when he was executed by John Wilkes Booth.  Honest Abe was known to be a great man.  Apparently, he was a great master for his dog, Fido, and he was a major advocate for animal welfare.  One wonders how much his, at the time, "radical viewpoints" on animal welfare shaped his view on slavery.  I bet somehow it gets brought up in this book.  You should check it out, and find out.

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