Chris Willis

Chris Willis is the Head of the Research Library for NFL Films, a position he has held since 1996.  He also is an author of 7 books, mostly revolving around the early history of the NFL, including his most recent book on the life of the legendary Red Grange. Chris has been nominated and won Emmy’s for his work on NFL documentaries, including HBO’s Hard Knocks.  He was elected in 2018 to the Urbana University Hall of Fame and was also given the Pro Football Researcher’s Association Ralph Hay award for lifetime achievement in the pursuit of preserving the game.

You can also find Chris on social media on his Twitter page.

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Chris Willis - My Perspective

I first found Chris on Twitter, as I continued to see him pop up in conversations revolving around the history of the game.  Then I realized this dude worked at NFL Films, and even better yet, he was the Head of the Research Library.  After that, I realized he was a (then) 6-time author of books on the history of the NFL.  What better person to talk to on the show?  By all accounts, he’s an NFL historian, and he has some insider knowledge about NFL Films.  A match made in heaven.