Gene Cronin | Detroit Lions 1957 Championship Team

Gene Cronin | 1957 Detroit Lions Championship Gene Cronin was a member of the Detroit Lions 1957 Championship team.  He was mostly a pass rush specialist, chasing down some of the greats of the era.  Mr. Cronin stops by on this episode to share some insights into what football was like in the late 50s and early 60s.  He was also drafted by the Dallas Cowboys during the expansion draft to fill roster in their first season, so he was a player on the very first Dallas Cowboy team.  Gene then was traded to the Washington Redskins, and ultimately found himself back in Detroit as a scout.  Finally, he was the first-ever Director of Player Personnel for the newly formed Atlanta Falcons. Learn more about Gene Cronin’s career on this week’s episode, and strap on your seat belt because we’re about to get this baby up to 88MPH. Connect With The Show Visit the show notes for this episode Visit me on the web – my about page Contact the show Follow me on Twitter Subscribe for free to the podcast Subscribe for free on YouTube Are you interested in sharing your favorite football moment on the show? This is your chance to share your story with all my listeners. Click here to share your favorite football moment Top Related Episodes Joe Ziemba – Part 1 Joe Ziemba – Part 2 Muncie Flyers | An Original NFL Team

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