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Phil – Pitt STEAGLES

This episode we fire up the DeLorean and head back to a time when Americans were just trying to survive on the homefront while troops were fighting overseas against the Axis.  Supporting the war effort can take a toll on people, including owners of NFL teams.  League rosters were decimated.  The Cleveland Rams folded operations.  The Eagles and Steelers were close.  It took a marriage between 2 inter-state rivals for a season back in 1943 to help save the NFL from going extinct.  This team was unofficially called THE STEAGLES.  So, strap on your seat belt, and let’s get ready to take this baby up to 88mph.




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About the author, Arnie Chapman

My name is Arnie Chapman, and I am the host of The Football History Dude, a podcast dedicated to teaching fans about the rich history of the NFL. The show officially launched on 4/15/18, and I have not looked back. I have always been passionate about football, and learning about the history of the game has intrigued me, as well. I'm asking you to come along with me on my DeLorean to travel back in time and learn about the yesteryear of the gridiron. To get started, you can go to my website for more details.


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