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NFL Hall of Fame 2019 | Re-Live Stories From the Hall

The NFL Hall of Fame 2019 enshrinement is in the books.  Each year Hall of Fame weekend is a sight to behold, and each year it gets bigger and bigger.  This year there were 8 inductees.  You can learn more about them in the following 2 episodes that were released a few weeks ago:

NFL Hall of Fame 2019 Class – Part 1

NFL Hall of Fame 2019 Class – Part 2

This episode takes you live in Canton, OH for Hall of Fame weekend.  You will hear stories from fans at the Hall, talking about their favorite football moments of all-time.  And as a side treat, you get to hear where they would take the keys to my DeLorean when I ask them where they are going to any point in NFL history.  The caveat.  They can’t change the outcome, even though some snuck it passed me.  Either way, this is a cool episode for fans of the NFL.

I’d also love to hear your favorite football moment or the moment you’re taking my DeLorean to back in NFL history.  If you would like to be on the show and share your story, head to MY FOOTBALL MOMENT for the details.

Guests On This Episode

Ron Whisman – Ron was the first person I interviewed this year at the Hall of Fame to get his favorite story.  As we were walking by the hall of busts, I hear Ron tell his family “this is like a religion to me”.  I was like, yup, I gotta go talk to that dude.

Dillon Whisman – Dillon was the first to bring up the one time in his NFL career that Tebow was able to figure out how to throw the football in this AFC Wild Card game.  Oh yeah, Dillon sneaks in a way to change the outcome when he takes the keys to my DeLorean.  But with the story, I have to allow it.

Allen Hedge – Another guy talking about the John Elway helicopter move in the Super Bowl.  The story I thought that really told how fans think of their heroes on the gridiron comes in the form of Allen talking about John Elway’s retirement speech.

Ben Broumand – This guy was all decked out in Lion’s gear, so you know I was all about it.  His favorite moment was the game when the Detroit Lions beat the San Diego Chargers at the end of the 2011 season to advance to their first playoffs in forever.  The game he was taking my DeLorean back to was when the Lions captured their first postseason win since 1957, beating the Cowboys in the 1991 Divisional Playoffs.  I’m going to pause right now and think about that.  How many years were there in between?  Holy cats, batman.  Nonetheless, we did have BARRY for a brief moment.  Ben brought up another moment where he watched Barry after practice running sprints when everyone went to the locker room, and that’s how his uncle told him Barry was the best.  He was willing to put the work in.

Bronco Queen – The Bronco Queen has season tickets and reminisced of Super Bowl 50 when Peyton Manning rode off into that sunset.  She also brings up how “gorgeous Champ Bailey is” and that she didn’t understand how that was possible.  I will leave no comment.

Gregory Brown – Gregory reminisced about Kellen Winslow playing hurt and overcoming a deficit.  He also talked about how the 60s and 70s were a different type of game.  I covered the AFL-NFL Merger in some previous episodes if you want to learn more about the time.  He also wants to go back to the Tebow toss to Thomas.  This time he wants to remind Tebow that he doesn’t know how to throw a football.  Gregory was also a fan of the Steelers during the 70s.

Jack Umlauf – Jack was a former reporter for the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers.  He had quite a bit to say about various topics, but one thing he wanted to point out was how he felt the Bills fans are the most loyal there are.  One way to back it up was having fans show up during the blizzards.  Here’s one that comes up.  He wants to go back to “The Comeback” game in 1992.  Jack also has a cool story of his boys remembering old Buffalo players coming over to his house.

Jeremy Shears – He’s going to go watch the 49ers beat the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.  For his DeLorean moment, all he wants to do is go back to that game and watch them win it again.  If I were able to relive my team winning a Super Bowl, I’d be all over that, too.  However, as a Detroit Lions fan, that is not a true statement at the time this releases.

Joe Murphy – Joe is another guy that picks the Tebow pass to Thomas.  His moment with the DeLorean is going back to Super Bowl III and “The Guarantee.”

Kim Lakner – This guy is a Brown’s fan.  You’ll hear somewhere in there where we talk about how for our teams, the Super Bowl is the NFL Draft.  He talks about the huge road comeback game against the Titans.  The place he’s going to is before they wore facemasks.  I talked with Matthew Algeo on about the Steagles and the year when helmets were first made mandatory in a previous episode if you want to listen to that interview:

Matthew Algeo Interview “Steagles” – Part 1

Matthew Algeo Interview “Steagles” – Part 2

Michael Brown – Michael, my guy.  Talks about Kerryon Johnson breaking 100 yards in a game as a Detroit Lion for the first time since 2013.  He’s going back to that Joe Namath Super Bowl, as well.

Mike Assa – He talks about how he had camped out after the Jets started off pretty bad in the beginning of the 2002 season, so he decided not to “mail in his playoff money.”  I didn’t know they did this.  Nonetheless, the Jets made it to the playoffs and whooped up on the Colts.

Mike Sharp – He’s going back to Immaculate Reception for his favorite football moment.  Talk about a crazy play that has echoed through NFL history.  For the DeLorean moment, he’s going back to any game during the 50s.

Steve Kazba – Again, we have a John Elway helicopter moment.  It’s not surprising, because Broncos fans were here for both Champ Bailey and Pat Bowlen.  Steve’s DeLorean moment is The Drive.

Howie Assa – I’ve had many interviewees tear up reminiscing over their favorite football moment.  Howie was one of the most inspirational fans I met.  Listen to his story, and you’ll understand why the NFL is in the 100th season and continues to be America’s number one sport.


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