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NFL Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees – Part 2

This Saturday we get to see 8 more gridiron giants inducted as part of the NFL Hall of Fame 2019 inductees celebration.  Last week we covered the first four members in the episode titled NFL Hall of Fame 2019 Class – Part 1.  I recommend you listen to this episode first if you have not done so. 

This week we cover a brief overview of the rest of the members being inducted on August 3rd.  The episode covers the players in alphabetic order.  Here are the rest of the 4 members:

Ty Law (modern) – cornerback for New England Patriots (1995-2005) New York Jets (2005, 2008) Kansas City Chiefs (2006-2007) Denver Broncos (2009)

Kevin Mawae (modern) – center and guard for Seattle Seahawks (1994-1997) New York Jets (1998-2005) Tennessee Titans (2006-2009)

Ed Reed (modern) – safety for Baltimore Ravens (2002-2012) Houston Texans (2013) New York Jets (2013)

Johnny Robinson (senior) – safety and running back for Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs (1960-1971)

A couple weeks ago I covered the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2018 Recap.  In this episode, I also gave a quick overview of how players are voted into the Hall.  I recommend checking this episode out before listening to this week’s episode, as well.

Note – The article below covers the topic of this week’s episode in detail.  There are many links throughout the article to enhance your learning of the history of the NFL.  A few of these may be Amazon links.  As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Keep scrolling to get to the article.


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