Bill Radovich – Father of Sports Labor Action (NFLPA Begins)

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This episode we fire up the DeLorean and head back to learn about Bill Radovich, the Father of Sports Labor Action.  Bill was a player for the Detroit Lions during the late 1930s and 1940s.  He had what he felt was a simple request, to be traded to a Western team to be close to his sick father.  His request was denied, and the league threatened to blacklist him if he jumped ship.  Bill thought this was uncool, so he took the NFL to courts.  We talked in previous episodes about many court cases and the fight for modern free agency.  This episode covers a time period before it was thought to be possible for players to be free, including the formation of the NFLPA.  So strap on your seat belt, and let’s get ready to take this baby up to 88mph.




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