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Share Your Favorite Football Moment

If I asked you what your personal favorite football moment of all-time is, what would that be?  Alternatively, if I gave you the keys to my DeLorean, and you get that baby up to 88MPH, what football moment are you going to in the past?

If you can answer either of these questions and would like to share it on the podcast for listeners of the show to hear your story, then this is the place for you.  The only rules I have is to keep it clean (family friendly show,) keep it under 5 minutes, and have a jolly good time reminiscing your favorite moment.

To submit your moment, you have 3 options.  See below:

E-Mail Your Moment

The first is to record your moment and send it in an e-mail.  Please include your name (and website or podcast if you have one), so I can give you credit for the clip.  Here’s the address:

Leave A Voicemail

You can use the good ole' fashioned way of mashing some digits on the phone (cell, landline, or payphone - dealer's choice) and leaving a voicemail.  The number is below.

(480) 712 - 9582

Use SpeakPipe

The last one is a little fancier, but it's really not that hard.  You mash the little record button and then talk into whatever microphone you have on your computer or into your cell phone.

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