Share your favorite football moment

Are you interested in sharing your favorite football moment with The Football History Dude community?  Once a month I combine all the favorite moments sent in by listeners into one fully loaded episode.  These episodes take us back in time to various events that are most important and special to each individual storyteller.  The only rules I have is to keep it clean (family friendly show,) keep it under 5 minutes, and have a jolly good time reminiscing your favorite moment.

To submit your moment, you have 2 options.  The first is to record your moment and send it in an e-mail.  Please include your name, so I can give you credit for the clip.  Here’s the address:


The second option is to use the SpeakPipe icon below.  Basically you get to just mash the record button, and you can use whatever microphone you have available to you.

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